We try to have something for everyone on our tours.

To be individual in Florida, you usually need to have deep pockets … We have put together a healthy mix of price / performance for you.

We want you to have fun! That’s why we keep the groups as small as possible and conduct our services in comfortable vehicles. Of course, each of our guides are fluent in English.
Whether super VIP or just on a small budget, Banana Joe Tours offers the optimal tour package for everyone.


Our tours are always at the pulse of the time. Our guides are open to answering your every question and are always trying to actively include you in our tours.
Each guide has different interests and takes you on his favorite route through Miami. There’s no set scheme that needs to be followed.
Therefore every tour is different and we have retour customers that have taken our city tour three or four times and always had a different experience and saw the city from various angles.
The Everglades Tour always depends on current weather conditions and we always need to be flexible and carefully check what’s going on in one of the most unique National Parks. Whether its fires, water shortages or invasive species. There’s always a challenge that needs to be tackled.


Our guides are not full-time students from abroad who tell you the same story over and over and stereotype for tips.
Unfortunately, it is a reality that often neither propeller boat drivers nor the guides from the big companies have fixed salaries and need to make ends meet.
At Banana Joe Tours all guides work full-time, love Florida and speak English – for our employees their job is both passion and fun and they can’t wait to show you sunny South Florida…
We at Banana Joe Tours take this very seriously and try to create a certain security for our tour guides here in the USA, so that they can fully concentrate on their work.
Nevertheless, of course each of our guides is happy to accept tips.


We offer hassle and worry free service!Pick-up directly from your hotel, residence or cruise ship is already INCLUDED for most of our tours and activities, so that all you have to do is show up on time and enjoy your unforgettable experience with Banana Joe Tours!
We also offer a handful of tailor made tours, that are built to each clients individual needs where a transfer fee is charged.
Banana Joe Tours is a rapidly growing lifestyle agency, tour company and full-fledged travel agency based in the sunny south of Florida. Our philosophy is to bring you closer to the unique, tropical way of life in Florida.

Our team consists of experienced, international tour guides and employees. The Banana Joe project was launched in 2008 to make Florida trips bookable directly and without third-party providers at an attractive price/performance ratio.

Most importantly we are not tied to any large corporations that tell us what we can and cannot say on our tours. We value authenticity and dispel many of the stereotypes that Miami, the Everglades and the rest of Florida have been imprinted by the film and tourism industries in recent years.
We do not mince words and tell you one to one our impressions about Florida. Most of our tours and tour guide services are in German. We welcome vacationers from all over Europe and the world as our guests here in South Florida.
We are a full-fledged travel agency specializing in Florida and offer everything you need for an unforgettable vacation in Florida, from special vacation packages, individual and group tours, transfers, hotel & cruise reservations to VIP services.


Banana Joe Tours Story


Banana Joe Tours is fully registered, insured and licensed in Florida with the “Seller of Travel” No. ST38471. Our vans drive under PMC license # 31041 and are subject to constant safety maintenance and controls.
Our tightly woven partner network enables us to meet special requests of all kinds. We supported some well-known production companies during their stay in Florida and have received awards from various television channels, print media and online platforms.
Our partners and customers include many well-known companies and personalities. We have made it our goal to maintain long-term relationships with our clients and to build and expand them based on professionalism, trust and reliability.

We have come a long way and in the last few years we have been able to gain a lot of experience what the tourist expects when he visits Florida. For you we have gotten better and better and have slowly managed to offer gold standard services in Florida as well.
Whether the “Florida” work ethic or simply the traffic in Miami – there were and are many imponderables to maintain a tour company in Florida. Since June 23, 2017 we have been officially recognized as a tour company in Miami-Dade County! We are particularly pleased because we had to fight for it for almost 10 years.
Due to the many regulations in the tourism business in Florida, even steps that seem natural are sometimes very difficult to achieve. Not only is our website constantly evolving, but also our experience and skills.
We continue to give everything so that you can have the maximum fun.